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Injector Dead Time Data for 20V 4AGE


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Like the title says, I'm looking for some good data on stock injector dead times for my 20 Valve 4ag. I recently acquired a new basemap using modeled mode. I feel it's a better jumping off point than the last map I had, but I'm a little dubious about the injector dead times that were entered. Here's the table that's in there now:

6      7         8         9        10       11      12        13     14        15   (V)

3.3    2.7    2.16    1.7    1.35    1.1    0.89    0.75    0.66    0.58 (ms)


I had the injectors cleaned and flow tested before putting the engine in the car, but it seems the sheet is missing in the shop somewhere. Hopefully I can find that soon so I can at least have some good data for the injector flow@rated pressure. Right now the engine is running fairly rich, especially during warmup (like 10.5:1 AFRs), but the AFRs are fairly stable too, so I'm thinking with some tweaking I can get it well enough in line before taking the car to the dyno for a more final tune.

Also, if nobody has good dead time data for these injectors, does anyone know of a good way to make a test bench or know of someone with a test bench setup for getting good dead time values? Thanks.


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A quick n dirty option:

If you temporarily set Injection mode to Multipoint group, you can then swap injection rate between 1 eng cycle and 1/2 eng cycle.  Lambda shouldnt change when you swap rate if deadtime is correct.  If lambda changes bump the deadtime either way and try again.  That will get it right at normal running battery voltage.  You can then do the same at a lower voltage by pulling the alternator fuse.  After you have a couple of points around normal running voltage you can change the deadtime table to graph view and interpolate it to create something rough enough.

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