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Dual Clutch affecting Flat Foot Shifting...


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Hi All.

I was running a stockish clutch and the flat foot shifting with some serious negative timing worked wonders!

After installing a new dual clutch ( a lot more bite, and NO slip whatsoever), my FFS has gone out the window.  Literally seems like the ecu cuts the power?

Could the lack of slip be an issue?  Could the faster engagements between the gears be an issue?  Im baffled!



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What do you mean the cut gone out of the window ? 

what type of gearbox do yo have ? 

I dont think the engagements time is the issue (we use really often sequential gearboxes and had no issue with gear cut or FFS.


Maybe you should check again the time you "cut" the engine maybe you need more or less time due to the new clutch ... 

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Running a 6-spd STI gearbox.

Had a quick look at my setup table - i think that the Re-activation timeout is the issue. Currently sitting at 300ms.


This twin plate allows one to engage gears very very quickly compared to a stock clutch.  Could I be shifting sub-300ms?


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