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Link Atom - 4ze1 Trigger setup problems


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Hey All,

I have a holden rodeo which has a z4e1 engine it running a dizzy and im struggling to get my ecu to read an rpm signal. From everything I can find the dizzy setup is the same as an RB30 setup.

The car previously had a stinger ems unit wired by someone previous to me. So I wired in my Atom ecu and checked that each wire was what it said.. i.e tps signal, signal ground, ect, iat.. all of the above. I re-wired the injectors to have sequential injection.

Then I got to the trigger setup.. the old stinger ecu only had 1 triger source and the car only has 1 wired into it. My understanding is that the CAS sensor is a 360 hall effect sensor, does the atom need to see both pulse and sync signals to work? or is there some magical way I can make this work without running a new wire to the cas?


ps: the car has custom intake/exhaust manifolds, gtx3076 and seimens  60lbs injectors lol

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