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Lexus is200/is300 Toyota Altezza 2jzgte swap


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Hello everyone,

im in the process of swapping a 2jzgte vvti+automatic transmission from a Toyota  Aristo in my Lexus is200 , 

the is200 is competed stock manual transmission , 

Is there a product that could handle the new engine with compete functionality over the dash climate controls etc , as well as the automatic transmission ? 

Thanks ! 

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I dont think we could support this combo. 

1st problem:  We presently dont have any ECU with proper auto trans strategies, you can often get them to work reasonably with the GP functions we have available but it could soak up many hours of testing.  You would need a very good understanding of how the trans works and what signals and strategies it needs.

2nd problem:  Much of the dashboard, air con and other functions in the car talk to each other using Toyotas "BEAN" network.  Only our Altezza plugin has a BEAN controller onboard and it is not configurable.  It is unknown whether the Alteeza BEAN messages match the IS200 so it would be a gamble.  The Altezza plugin could run a 2J, but doesnot have enough spare I/O to do anything for the trans.

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