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G4+ R33 plugin RB26


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Good morning,

I'm making a new engine and interior loom for my R33 gtst I'm running a rb26. I'm putting a trigger wheel setup on the engine due to the standard cas sensor giving me horrendous ignition problems. I am also putting a fuel pressure sensor, oil pressure and oil temp sensors back into the ECU. I'm struggling to figure out where to wire the temperature and pressure sensors back in the ECU as the pressure sensors are 3 wire 5 volt sensors the temp sensors are 2 wire from jtl innvations. And where to wire the trigger wheel sensors on the crank and cam back in the ecu. 

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The GTS/GTR plug-in has 2 expansion connectors.  Get one expansion loom and plug it into the "Expansion connector 1".   Splice the ground wire into 3 - 1 goes to one side of the temp sensor, then one to the ground pin on each press sensor.  Splice the 5V into 2 - and run 1 to the 5V pin on each press sensor.  The press sensor signal pins get connected to Volt 8 and Volt 2.  The remaining temp sensor pin gets connected to either temp 3 or 4 wire.

For the trigger you can most likely just cut the old CAS plug off and run wires from there to the new trigger sensors.


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Awesome thankyou Adam, I can get the sensors wired up now, with the trigger setup I'm using two Ford 2wire connectors one on a 36-1 wheel on he crank pulley and one to pick up each rotation of the exhaust cam, does this seem right? I think the crank sensor signal should wire back to pin 42 in the ecu and the cam signal should go to 41 as I making a completey new loom I'm follwing the oem loom as much as I can and changing bits for my new sensors and trigger setup 

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