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mixture map vs autotune; road tuning only


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Hi again, abit of a question ive been pondering lately after struggling to iron out a reliable low load cruise map, would you use auto tune or the mixture map table?

I'm finding auto tune does work, but seems to create a very lumpy table and is not always consistent. on the other hand, while the mixture map is very easy to use, its difficult to find settings that give a good data poll and are useful. obviously warm up, tip in throttle and gear change conditions are accounted for in both, so that being said which should I be using?

all this is for low load, no boost driving, on a v10 wrx plug in g4+. strictly road tuning if that sways it either way (until I give up and pay someone who actually knows all this stuff haha)  

sorry if its abit wordy just trying to be clear, thanks guys

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I don't use either for low load stuff with my EJ257, I just use traditional logging and review through a few iterations.  Be wary of the impact your cam timing has depending on how you have your tables configured (tps v's rpm or map v's rpm etc)


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thanks for the reply, yeah I found cam timing to be a big player but I have avcs and timing just about dialled in. just after some insight as to which is a more productive way to go, definitely logging and analysis is a given with any change to the map really I find

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cheers Adam, ill have a play see if i can get some more useful logs. any tips of number of samples required or is it a case of more is always a better indicator? sorry for the basic questions, just so much quicker to ask here than get frustrated and probably end up messing up what ive already got. cheers

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I do not have dyno 4X4, closer to my workshop, there is a road that is at sea level. And it has a straight line about 8 miles long.
That way I logging in these settings.
Engine speed
Tps main
Afr / Lambda Target
Lambda meter - analogic input
Fuel table
Ign table
Inj duty cicle
CL Lambda - in off state
Waste gate DC

I do this in several different loads:
- 50 MGP
50 MGP
100 MGP
150 MGP
200 MGP
I analyze the log and I am correcting the fuel table one at a time, for example I did the 0 MGP line, I will increase the load to 100 MGP.
Done that I interpolated the line of 50 MGP, and make a new log now tried to keep the target at 50 MGP. That way I make a very precise fuel table.
After all, I'll call CL Lambda and find a variation of plus or minus 3% at the maximum - 3%. Give a little more work already tuned in several EVOLUTION 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9.
Hope this helps.
I'm sorry for my english.

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