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fault code 19 "An V4 above Error High Value"


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I am new to the G4 and standalone ECUs.  I have my engine running perfect for a few races, but yesterday I started getting misfile and engine going lean at upper range.  I have the AEM PS1G Fuel Pressure sensor at An V4.  Is the high voltage reading likely to be the sensor going bad or wiring issue? 

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21 hours ago, EngineeringDave said:

Or your AN 4 error high value is set too low.

I did check for that as a possible root cause, but I get the fault even when I set the error high value to 5V

21 hours ago, Simon said:

It could be a sign the sensor is faulting and giving a 5V signal or the wiring has shorted to 5V at some point in the loom. Giving the loom a good visual would be the starting point.


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so I did some testing today.  With the sensor unplugged, engine off and ignition on I have 32 mV on the blue signal wire V4 input.  Sensor plugged in and the signal wire has 4V, with the engine off, looks like the sensor went bad.

4V in  this sensor is the  equivalent of 80 PSI and my car has a 3.5 bar FP regulator so the max I would ever see is about 50psi.

I even unplugged the fuel pump and cranked the engine a couple of times and I was still seeing 4V in the signal wire when plugged into the  ECU with the engine off and ignition on.

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