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Link G4+ Atom II

Sheikh ikhwan

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Hi and good day link members, new to efi tuning and surely will installed, wired and tuned by one of tuners i know around.

Driving 4g13 (naturally aspirated) MMC injection i-4 cylinder 1.3cc upgraded to 1.6cc (stroker kit). Have few question regarding this standalone ecu (bare in my mind i am extremely new to this tuning methodology)

1: Do tuning, mapping and memory will lost if i disconnect battery?

2: Can this ecu achieve launch control, flatshift and anti-lag (for show off only im not running any bypass valve or turbo)

-if yes, how?

-have seen 2 types of flatshift

i) DSG it sounds crackling when change gear as if there are still power build when upshift

ii) poppin out huge flames once every upshift




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If you download the PCLink software, open the atom base cal, and look in the motorsports tab it only has "gear shift control".  Gear shift control is the "flat shift" config.

The atom is the stripped down entry level ecu.  Some of the motorsports features such as launch control and antilag are removed from the unit to make it more affordable.

To do launch control you will have to have a GP Rev limit configured.  There will be a bit of imagination required to make it optimal.  

My recommendation would be to go with a high level ecu such as the Monsoon or the Storm to get all the features that  you are after.

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Hi, I've bought a Link G4 Atom 2 ecu which it's on my Proton Wira 4G67 NA engine, can this ECU control the idle control during morning start, it goes to 1500RPM, and gradually comes down to 850RPM after 30 secs or so? Can this be done? And also the aircond idle control. Can this ECU do all of this.... 

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