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R34 NGTT+ issues opening fuel map on Windows XP


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Hi Team,

I have two different set of r34 plugin ecu. One is a G4 and the other G4+. I have attached the picture for your reference. I've exported out the fuel map from my r34 G4 version to the G4+ version. I used the latest PCLink software for the G4+ ecu but installed it on a windows XP and i get these errors "External exception" and "access violation". Screen capture attached as well. Hope the team could advise what could be the issue or if i have to run the latest PCLink software only on newer windows. 

Another question would be on the R34 G4 firmware. Is it possible to update the firmware version of the G4 to match the same as G4+ ? Hope you could help out. Thank you in advance.


Darmah Raj

link r34 g4.jpg

Link r34 g4+.jpg



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I believe there is a problem with OpenGL that the surface graphs use (3D maps) when running xp. Unfortunately I don’t know the workaround of the top of my head and am overseas on holiday.  If you have another pc that has something newer than xp something you could try would be open up pclink, delete the surface view then save the layout.  copy that layout to the laptop with XP and I think it would work.  

As for your other question, a G4 cannot run the G4+ firmware.

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