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ECU selection trouble


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Hey, I’m having difficulty selecting between the VL plug and play ecu (I believe is Storm based) or going wire in with a Fury.

Vehicle is/will be a turbocharged RB30E, with the goal of it being a weekend toy that will see some drag racing use.

Also will need to operate the Dash 2 pro display... will the plug and play unit be capable of running the dash as well as the required wide band controller?

Will be a basic setup, utilising the OE style distributor based ignition system and sequential fuel injection.

In my mind, it comes down to ease of installation but using 30 year old wiring tech, vs more features with the Fury, but close to double the initial outlay.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated :)

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I was told the VL plug-in was no longer available, certainly the website indicates this too.

Also the VL plugin is designed to ONLY use Low Impedance injectors, not a problem if your running standard but if you want to upgrade to the latest bosch multihole type then not so good.

The Fury on the other hand will handle both Low (Peak and Hold) and High (Saturated) Injectors.

The 'wake' time of the CANLambda is slower than that of the directly attached Lambda sensor too so is much better for logging and mapping cold start.

The FURY will also handle Drive by Wire throttle if you want to upgrade at a later date, lots of advantages to this depending on what you are using the car for.

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