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LINK CAN-Lambda Install Help


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I apologize in advance if my issue, or anything I did sounds or is a little... novice. ( That's because I am just that, a novice ).

Upon purchasing my MR2LINKv1 Plug n Play and installing I decided to order a Can Lambda.

It came with a quick start guide, the 4.9 Sensor + a DT Connector/pin set, a field installable connector and a CAN to PCB cable. 

A trusted friend told me to forego using the installable connector and to use a different connector as I'd only be using the CAN L and CAN H signal wires. I attached the cable to my ecu board and identified the can L and can H wires ( i think ), built the DT connector with CAN L and CAN H at pin 3 and 4 respectively and setup a relay as instructed in the quick start guide ( http://dealers.linkecu.com/site/SB_Template_One/css/CAN Lambda Quick Start II.pdf ) The relay is indeed providing the can lambda power but I can't get the ecu to recognize the device.



I'm using these programming instructions.


Programming Instructions: 1. Navigate to ECU Controls > CAN Setup. 2. In the 'Mode' tab ensure the appropriate CAN Module is selected. 3. In the CAN Configuration box: 1. Set the mode to 'User Defined'. 2. Ensure the Bit Rate is set to '1 Mbit/s' 4. In the Data box: 1. Select a free channel and set its Mode to 'Link CAN-Lambda'. 2. In the CAN ID box, set the ID to 950, leave the format on 'Normal'. 5. Switch to the CAN Devices Tab. 6. Connect a Link CAN-Lambda module to the CAN Bus you selected in step 2. 7. Press the 'Find Devices' button. 8. One or more devices should appear in the list, if they do not go back to one and check your settings, check your CAN Bus and ensure that the device is receiving power.



Any ideas on why I'm not getting the device to be discovered? I'm suspecting something is wrong with my CAN Bus wiring.




Thanks again.

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I saw a similar thing this week, someone has been supplying CAN Cables for plugins but they clearly haven't realised the LINK CAN bus uses the opposite colour coding to ISO standards so got the green and white the wrong way around, well worth checking that first if using a non genuine Link cable.

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