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Leans out when not moving on fuel map

Brad May

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Hi guys, can anyone offer any solutions to this?

link Atom, LS1, 8 injectors on top of 6/71 blower, waste spark, semi sequential paired injectors. Cam have some overlap (not ideal for blower but sounds great) Have had a couple of tuners look at it, but its doing something really weird. Starts, run, idles. We start to tune the table then (seems to be as it gets hotter)

the AFR leans right out (22:1), runs rough and stalls. It will start again, then a few moments later will do the same thing. When it does this it hasn't moved from its box on the fuel table. Fuel pressure remains constant (42psi) throughout. It seems this EFI on the roots

blower might take some time to sort properly, so I may chuck a couple of carbs on tonight to get it ready for a holiday and revisit the EFI when I have more time.

Any quick ideas?

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I take it your fuel table axis is MGP and not MAP? 12" vaccuum is about -40.5kpa so those 2 numbers line up as long as we're talking MGP. On a stock engine that's not much vacuum but with a big cam its probably in the ballpark.

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