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Link g4+ tune able to use on g4 ?

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Hey guys 

I have a link g4 atom . 

A friend has the same engine setup as me and a link g4+ atom .

I want to use his tune to get my car running before i take it to the dyno 


Problem is the link g4 software won' open the .pclr file which I assume is g4+ file 


Is there any way I can convert the file (I tried renaming it .pcl with no success)


Or do i need to get the g4+ software . Open it and copy everything over


Thanks in advance 

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55 minutes ago, Brad Foreman said:

Or do i need to get the g4+ software . Open it and copy everything over

Correct, we cant go backwards sorry.  Open both applications side-by-side and step through each menu item.  Heres a couple of tips that make it a little easier:

  1. Click the drawing pin at the top of the ECU settings pop-out menu to lock it out.
  2. Modify your layout so the settings pane is larger so you dont need to use scroll bar etc some of the more complex settings.
  3. Control+click on each category/folder to open up the whole category in one pane.
  4. For tables - in G4 you can right click>export to clipboard, then in G4+, right click>import from clipboard. 
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Hey guys, 

Sort of have a similar question, but the opposite; I currently have a G4 plug-in in my R34 GTT, and would like to upgrade to the G4+. The car is currently tuned however, so is it possible to just upload this tune into the G4+ and go or will it need a total retune? 


Obviously to take full advantage of the G4+ I would get a retune, but can I use the tune to keep driving until I do get a retune?

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8 hours ago, Martin Hanbury said:

Never mind, downloaded Pclink G4+ and answered the question - can't be done. All good!

It can be done.  You just need to have the new ECU connected to PC link first, then open you G4 map in the normal way and it will be converted as it is written into the ECU.  It would still pay to get the tune checked though as there are many new features and fixes in the G4+ that may have small effects on some tunes.

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