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Vipec v88 - rb26 - single throttle poor cold start idle


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Hi all

ive got an rb26 engine in my r32 Gtr with a Hypertune intake plenum and 90mm throttle body

i have been battling very poor cold start issues since day one, it runs the factory AAC valve under the plenum, idle once warm is a nice solid 1100rpm which is perfect with my big 280 cams

cold start in the morning will usually be only a few hundred rpm so I need to hold the throttle open until it gets to operating temp then it will maintain idle 

also another issue is when the AC is on the idle drops very low and wants to stall 


does anyone have any any tips or info as to what I can do or try to get this sorted

or is this the trade off for using a big single throttle body and not the factory 6 throttle setup?

any info would be much appreciated 



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I would expect you should be able to get reasonable idle control with a set up like this.  Most likely just a tune issue.   Can you log a cold start and post that and your map here so we can take a look.   This video is for G4+ but the logging setup for the V series is very similar:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A


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Ok, the problem during cold start is the idle valve is already fully open, so it cant open any further to bring the RPM up to the target idle.  You base table suggests it also needs to be 50% open even for normal warm idle so it seems when it was set up originally the throttle blade stop was too far closed.


You are going to have to wind the throttle stop in some more and then retune the idle control settings.  I can help you do it on here but it is going to take a few logs and backwards and forwards tweaks to get it working reasonable.  It might be easier if you can get wifi access near your car then I can log in via teamviewer and set it up live.  Email me at NAjJcZt.png if you want to arrange a time to do that.


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