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Hi Guys,

im having some issues with the dash2 pro on an extreme, I have the Dash2 pro working using the videos, however my issue is:

N20 pressure does not display properly, I am using a 0-1600psi sensor wired to AN Volt 11 using cal table 5, pressure displays accurately within the link software, however it’s in a 5 digit format on the dash2pro (raw can data number maybe?) working PC link

I have it on CAN2, channel2 :transmit user stream 2. ID 1200 (as the dash is wired to DI), 50hz rate, normal format.

its on Frame 1 of stream 2, start pos 0, width 16, Ms first, unassigned, multiplier 1, Divider 1 and offset 0


within the Dash2 Pro software, I set it up as water pressure, only 16 boxes selected, 

can address 1200, start bit 0, length 16, value type unassigned, byte order have tried various?, scale 1, offset 0

when I change the units in the LCD areas tab this does have an effect but is obviously wrong.

what am I missing?

thabks in advance.


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Be nice to know exactly how wrong as it what figures, you can upload both configs here.

You are probably not converting from PSI into mbar in the 'multiplier, divider and offset'; which is what the dash wants to see.

Also a lot of people come unstuck 'trying' things as they for get they have to upload and power cycle the dash.

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