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Y34 Gloria - VQ30DET + Link G4+ Thunder - Installation questions


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Hi Fella's

I'm currently trying to figure out what would be the best way to tackle the Link G4+ Thunder ECU into my Nissan 1999 HY34 Gloria. Hopefully with your experience I can reach a solution to my installation issues. 

A little bit of information about the car - VQ30Det, GTW3884, Re4r03b auto with shift kit and supporting mods

The car is currently fitted with the standard Nissan engine and Auto computer. I've sized up the intake pipe to 3.5" and scaled the injectors accordingly (550cc). This has proven to be a quick fix but without being able to tune the car it is unable to reach its full potential. The main issue I'm experiencing is the the standard Nissan engine ECU talks to a lot of other computers in the car, being a 1999 model it doesn't run CAN. I would like to retain as much as I can in the car and keep it as stock looking as possible. Below is the current options I've been considering;

  1. Piggy Back - This option seems like the easiest, allowing the factory auto computer to control the shifts. I can put the gear selector into manual mode and this will allow me to rev the engine past the stock 6,500 RPM Rev limit and shift when I like. Once back in D the auto ecu will then shift at 6,500 allowing the car to still be comfortable to drive. The issues I'm having with the setup is the factory fly by wire, it seems very clunky and limits the full amount of throttle input. Is there a way to use an Analog input the satisfy the standard computer when it comes to this? This option is also keeps all the dash and air conditioning systems happy as they all talk to the engine ECU as well. 
  2. Stand alone - Now this option will require a fair but more work, I have an auto ecu from a newer model transmission (2002). This ECU is confirmed to be running CAN. If I can satisfy all the can inputs it requires this could be a valid option.
  3. Stand alone - This option will require me to send analog voltage inputs to the pre CAN bus ECU. 

If anyone has had experience in a situation like this and has found a solution I would be very happy to hear your input

Thank you in advance 






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@ClintBHP The auto ECU is separate to the engine ECU, wiring diagrams are just a little bit of an issue to acquire. I can feed the Link and the Standard ECU the TPS output and hopefully the Standard ECU doesn't freak out too much like you said. There is a screen in the center of the dash that will display fault codes if they are present so I was hoping I could keep the ECU fault free. 

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Does the Gearbox controller have 2 twised wires going to it, if so whats the resistance between them if its around 60 ohms it will almost certainly be CAN (or if your unlucky a proprietary differential interface)


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