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AEM RTD configuration


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maybe a dumb questions, has anyone configured a Link G4+ Fury ECU to read a AEM RTD EGT sensor.

Under engine temps there is EGT RTD listed just cant get it to work , maybe over thinking but it is getting late now.

data sheet attached



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You will need it connected to a temp input with the internal pull-up resistor turned on (and set to 1Kohm), or if you have it connected to a AN Volt input then you will need to wire in an external pull-up.

Also, there is a "bug" in the cal table setup when using a cal table for EGT's, you have to set up the temperatures to 1/10 of actual.  I will post an example of how to set it up when I find one.


Here's an example of how the cal table must be setup:


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