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subaru VVT control


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Hi, i retrofitted a my2004 sti engine in a my99 subaru i repinned everything and its running on the V5-V6 link g4+

but the cam control isnt reading the degrees . with the cam test on it reads some degrees but without the test not . 

but the soleoids are working acording to runtime value . 

added the cal 

jurgen piens my99 sti swap.pclr

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Assuming this is the EJ20 with variable inlets only (not the EJ25) then they have reluctor sensors so pull-ups off would be correct.

If you do the cam angle test (set test pulse count to 4) do you get 4 steady cam angles displayed in the absolute VVT position runtimes?  If so, can you note them down for both cams? 

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