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About the mounting position of the IAT sensor


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In the case of D Jetro, please tell me where the mounting position of the IAT sensor is in the traditional and model base.
air temp sensor position (AVO/Motec Japan written)

A. The temperature before the air cleaner
B. Temperature before throttle
C. Intake manifold temperature after throttle

When considering repetition by overlap, which is better?


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I put one in the air box and one in the manifold right by the cylinders. I can always see things like intercooler effficiency or heat soak. In the recent years I have moved to Garrett cores and thermodynamic blocking gaskets.

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bumping this one up, is there a preferred position for the IAT when operating in modelled fuel mode?  I've just switched a turbo 2zz to modelled fuel mode which is fitted with a Bosch TMAP sensor in the intake manifold, but having a fair bit of trouble getting the AFR to remain consistent (ID1050X's, manifold referenced FPR, fully instrumented with fuel pressure/temp sensors etc).  I usually fit the IAT in the intercooler pipe just pre-throttle but haven't done a modelled fuel setup before.

I'm considering putting one of the T1 Race Developments fast response glass bead sensors into an inlet runner close to the inlet port.  Would this be better for the modelled fuel mode than fitting a sensor pre-throttle?  I'm guessing there would be less of a span in the charge temp estimate table with a sensor in the runner compared to pre-throttle

Sensor I'm referring to: https://www.t1racedevelopment.com/category/universal-parts/electronics/sensors/temp-sensors/t1-fast-at.html

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You are using the charge temp approximation table, right? Its a pain to tune but just read up on it and youll get there..

T1 sensors are great. Personaly i have one of the short ones just before the tb and a long one in one of my runners. Im using the long runner one for my speed density fuelequation and it works exelent. No issues with heatsoak in my car.

You really want it to meassure the air going into the cylinder so idealy it should be as close to it as possible. However people are usualy fighting heatsoak so most of the time it is placed before the tb. Which is a tradeof. Acuracy vs resistance to heatsoak...

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yes, using the charge temp table with the warmup and IAT tables are zero'd out.  I've got enough inputs so I think I'll add one in the runner and another pre throttle.  More data's always better :)

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