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unable to connect R34 GTT G4+ PnP


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Hi all, new link owner but unable to get it to connect to PCLink.

ECU Link G4+ R34 GTT

Error:  "Unable to connect to the ECU but USB connection is present. Please cycle the power to the ECU."

Checked in device manager and am able to see the Link on COM port 5. if i pull the USB plug out it disappears  from list

when ignition is on there is a green led that lights up on the ECU i can see through a screw hole.

attached are the voltages seen at each Pin when Ignition is on.

any more information required please let me know.

C34TranslatedPinoutECU-1 - VOLTAGES 1.jpg

C34TranslatedPinoutECU-1 - VOLTAGES 2.jpg

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Hi, thats a weird one.  Normally that unable to connect message only pops up if there is no power but the LED and your testing suggests that is ok.  Can you confirm there is nothing plugged into the CAN1/RS232 socket?

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Not that I can see. The unit is a plug and play inside the stock housing. The place I bought the ecu from put it in the stock ecu housing for me.


There is the round plug with the USB adapter and an expansion loom coming out 

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Ok, good work.  I too notice the 3 lowest baud rates dont work with USB (they might be for the old serial connection option).  I will get engineering to take a look at that next week to either fix it or remove those options.

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