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Advice on the order of doing things fuel related


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So I've read what I could find, watched all the HPA webinars, done the Link tutorial and the practical tuning courses.

I'm still a bit confused on which order I should be tackling the Charge temp cooling table, the fuel charge cooling value and the VE map. They all play a part in the equation, and it seems to me that I could be going around in circles from one to the other making adjustments. They are all dealt with separately in the HPA workthroughs.

Assume I am starting from scratch, is it correct to get engine up to temp, with charge temp (and air temp) all zeros?

Then go through the process of finding the fuel charge cooling value (making target fuel table lambda 1.0, adjusting VE to make measured = lambda 1.0, make target 0.9, check measured etc etc)?

Then go to work on the charge temp table?

Then the full VE table as the last variable?

Obviously the VE will have to be adjusted during the above as you go.


My next question, is, how does the multi fuel deal with the difference between the pump fuel and e85 (or inbetween) fuel charge cooling differences? I'm a long way away from sticking any ethanol in it, but I would like to gather any more understanding I can in the mean time.




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My suggestion is to start with a reasonably realistic guess for the charge temp table.  Copy the table from the Monsoon base map is a good starting point for most common engines.

Get one area of your VE table dialed in reasonably close and flat so you can then do the charge cooling coeffiec test and dial that in (injector data needs to be good for this test to work, if you dont have good injector data then I suggest just sticking with 10deg C).

Next fully calibrate your VE table.  Once you have the VE table close you can check a few points in your charge temp table and tweak that so the lambda does not vary with varying air temp (constant water temp).  I normally do this by blocking intercooler or directing hot air in to the intake.  If the charge temp table needed significant adjustment from what you originally had then you may need to re fine-tune the VE table again.


4 hours ago, MagicMike said:

My next question, is, how does the multi fuel deal with the difference between the pump fuel and e85 (or inbetween) fuel charge cooling differences?

When you turn on multi-fuel you will have two charge cooling coeff settings (as well as all the other fuel other properties such as density etc), one for each fuel.  

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