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Problems setting up CAN O2


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Car: Nissan 350Z, MY 2007
Link Plugin ECU
2x Link O2 Sensors CAN

As soon as I connect the CAN bus lines from the O2 controller, the car CAN bus goes to limp mode (engine fan full speed).
CAN H and L are correct. Power supply to O2 CAN controllers are 12.5 V, new cables for power feed installed. CAN wires
from O2 controllers are tightly twisted.

I gather that this ECU has only one CAN bus (2).

When I attempt to detect new CAN device, none is found.

I am totally lost here, having spent many hours to get it to work following closely the instructions

Thank you for your help in advance




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On the 350Z ECU (and all our other ECUs for cars with an OEM CAN bus) CAN2 can only be used for the preconfigured OEM datastream.  Any other CAN devices have to be connected to CAN1.  The CAN1 socket is inside the case, you will need to open up the case, put a hole in it and use a CANPCB cable to bring that port outside of the ECU.

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