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H pattren strain gauge sensor


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Hello guys,

I wanted to know if I can use this strain gauge sensor on the shifter stick, my gear is h pattern.

and dose it work with the ecu Honda PNP 92-95 & How to wire it.

Advantages compared to other strain gauges:

1 Taobao only metal material of the full bridge strain gauge, excellent heat dissipation, to maximize the elimination of resistance to heat caused by noise, strain resistance 250 ohm

2 high mechanical strength, material for metal (steel + copper coating), can be repeated fatigue test, bending limit far more than ordinary full bridge strain gauge

. easy installation, strain gauge with two screw holes, second strain gauge on the back of the mirror surface smooth degree is high, the workpiece and the fit is very good, & rdquo; good brothers & ldquo; (302 glue), 502 glue easily bubble free adhesive on the workpiece

4. Good sealing, sealing common strain gauge after the installation needs such as polyoxyethylene, in case of full bridge copper wire Kang moisture and oxidation; and this strain gauge has covered the protection of a layer of black layer, so there is no need to to seal

5. Convenient wiring, electric connecting line for standard, red is connected with a power supply (excitation source +), black connection to (the excitation source), green + output, white for output; (strain gauge with shielded wire core without); the wiring is the top of the Mogami Yw-1scThis wire strain gauge.

Thanks in advance

Strain Gauge 2.jpg

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To answer your question - yes you can use gear lever force with a H pattern gear box.

Note however, even though the load cell that is fitted to a gear lever/knob is often referred to as a "strain gauge", there is actually much more to it than that.  What you have pictured there is just the raw strain gauge element.  For measuring force/load you actually need a complete "load cell" system, not just the strain gauge element.  To complete the load cell system the strain gauge would usually be bonded on to a specially designed/machined aluminium "beam" that is designed to "stretch" the strain gauge in only one dimension by a very tightly controlled amount.  There will usually also be an amplifier built into the load cell device to excite the bridge and convert the mV output to 0-5V.

A complete load cell would look more like this:



Some other examples:  








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Sorry to highjack this topic . So if we have the element and the load cell , would there be anything else needed ? Like an external controller or amplifier similar to what we do with an egt module ? Also what would be a good scale load cell in terms of ability of weight 1KG , 10KG ?


Thank you

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Some load cells have an amplifier and excitation circuit built-in but most will not.  You will need a 0-5V signal for the ECU.

A typical gear lever force at the knob is about 8Kg, obviously you need to factor any leverage ratio's in depending on where you place the load cell in the system.

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