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ECU stuck in boot mode

Alex Hewson

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I have a slight issue of that i went to do a firmware update due to having issues with the Link CAN lambda module not being found. I started the firmware update and left it going  and as i got out the car the force of habit i  turned the ignition off. I realised what i did but now the ecu is stuck in boot mode in which i can not connect to the ecu or do a firmware update as it comes up with NO_COMPORT_ HANDLE. 
is there a way to reset the ecu?



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Looks like a com port issue, check in windows device manager what com port you are connecting to and set that in PClink, you should be fine I have seen lots in boot mode where people dont read the dialogue box properly and dont power cycle the ecu when told to.

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Reboot the PC - sometimes a Comm port can hang open when something goes wrong.  Also just in case the ecu is not fully powering down in the car I would suggest completely disconnecting the battery for a few minutes before trying again.

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Cheers for the replies, the ECu is still stuck in the boot mode and unable to connect. So far i have tried;

Disconnected the battery over night for 12 hours
Uninstalled the PC link software and deleted all files and re downloaded
Updated the drivers and tried on another laptop
Connected manually via COM3 and COM4 ports.
Tried to update firmware before going online, error message "initMonitor" failed, "Monitor:BSL no aknowledge received", "Com  receive: timeout or lost of data"
Attempted to run firmware update again and an error message NO_COMPORT_HANDLE
Attempted to go online and an error message of "could not connect to ECU" ( the ECU has power as there is 12V across the ECCS relay)

Im out of ideas to what else to try at the moment.

Is there a way to manually reset the ECU without going online as i do not the have the ability to get online to restore to factory settings?

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