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Engine won't start , no rpm , no trig2 signal


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Hi all
(I apologize for my good english ability.)
Ecu: g4+ civiclink 96-98

Engine: b18c car obd2b
I'm trying to cancel the distributor , I bought a new crank wheel and sensor for running ckp distributor (add pic files) 
For the cam signal , I did the reference operation myself on the pulley.(I added the picture to it)
I made bi holders against the pulley, I connected the sensor.
I use a proximity sensor (omron E2B ) this light illuminates when the sensor sees the object and sends a voltage between 11-11.6v from the signal cable. When I want to observe from PCLink, there is no problem in trig1 but I can not get trig2 signal and rpm.
trig2 settings in the picture
I need your help thanks everyone



WhatsApp Image 2018-03-29 at 14.36.29.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-20 at 09.43.14.jpeg



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Is your screenshot above a collage of multiple different setups taken at different times?  For instance trigger 2 arming threshold table shouldnt be visible when trigger 2 is set to optical/hall, also the Sync position setting should only be visible in the 1 tooth/TDC mode.

Your log however definitely shows no signal on trig 2.  Can you do a trigger scope when cranking.  Try one with the trig 2 pull-up turned on and one with the pull-up turned off.

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trig1 error has repeated the problem.
I bought a new sensor because I thought it was due to the sensor (cherry gs100502), this sensor did not make as much error as the other.DSC_0106.JPG.cb133b95d4e5bcf8afcaaa8d5c96d521.JPGDSC_0107.JPG.a807106edd760fde98296a242130accf.JPG
occasionally, I get 2-4 trig1 error (with boost) like 5000rpm , It does not do after 5000 rpm.

I am adding the pclr file , would you please check?

The first starter is working late too , what is the reason of this?

cherry ferrıos.pclr

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