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Subaru Impreza WRX 2001


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just installed a  WRXLink ( 7 - 9 ) plug in ecu in a 2001 build European  Impreza WRX, non VVT 2.0 Liter engine.
Need the Auxillary Outputs Pinout or a Base Map for this Modell please.
Engine starts, no Tacho.
Thank you


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If its a late ECU we have moved the Tacho to Ignition 5 make sure Aux 4 is off and then set Ign 5 to tacho and you will be good. 

PC link is lagging behind the PCB revision so help file is not current. 

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Thanks for your answer.
That´s the Info i was looking for. Tacho is working now on Ign 5.
Anything else changed in the Pinout i have to look for?

@ Clint: appreciate your knowledge & advise.
I am German, so i think my English is not clear enough to discribe what i want to know.
I found out that the supplied Pinout / Base Map - at least for the Tacho Setup - is not correct, so i asked.
Just for your Info, i am working on Race Cars for 40 years now, with Motronic & programmable Ecu´s since 1986.
I am well aware that most of the Users are not able to read Manuals.


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