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Ca18det Peak and Hold injector Settings


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I've just finished wiring Link Xtreme Black, having difficulties finding info on the stock injectors for peak and hold setting and dwell times. 

My injectors are 370cc Resistance is 2.8ohms ive set the Peak at 5A and hold 1.5A. Have put them in test mode seem ok. 


Kind Regards

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As a general rule the peak current will be around 60% of the total draw in current found in ohms law, this is because we are not actually dealing with resistance but magnetec inductance and the solenoid coil will start making maximum magnetism well before coil saturation however the only way to really tell is to watch it with an oscilloscope.

So in your case at 14v the current drawn in ohms law would be 5A like you said so 60% of that will be 3A and the hold current will be 25% of that figure 0.75A and the requirement will rise slightly as fuel pressure rises.

So I would try 3A and 0.75A

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Hi Clint, 

Thankyou very much for the information, i will try that. Also I would just like to add, i think you guys sorted my Delphi IAT sensor connector, via amber performance? Just like to say thankyou as it came ridiculously fast!

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