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2 x Fuel Level Sensor = 1 Output to the Dash ?


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I've got a saddle bag type fuel tank which uses two sensors to display the accurate fuel level on the instrument cluster. I've replaced the cluster with an AiM dash.

The level sensors are VDO and output resistance. Is it possible to wire them up to the G4+, measure the combined resistance, convert to the fuel level (% or volume) and output to the dash?

It is important that I use both sensors as if I rely on one only, placed in the active side of the tank, due to fuel transfer from the passive side the value will be 'full tank' until there's only 1/2 of the tank left (no transfer is taking place = passive side empty) and so the jump from full to half will not be gradual.


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Assuming they are two wire sensors (not grounded through the body) then you could just wire them in series, the total resistance will effectively be an averaged signal from the two sensors.  No need to connect to the ECU.

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Thanks Adam. One of the wires from each sensor is the earth. I haven't traced the wiring loom but I suspect it ends up in the rear SAM module of the car. Can the sensors still be wired to give a combined reading? Thanks again.


PS: After speaking with AiM, to achieve this one would need to connector both sensors to two analog inputs on the dash and use a math channel to program them for combined value.

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