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r33 gtr traction control


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Hi there

I am looking at setting up the traction control with my Link g4+ on my r33 gtr, I was wondering if I would need to wire each wheels ABS sensor to the ECU with an XS loom

I currently also have  Do-Luck DTM II installed, will that have any negative affect on the traction control from the ECU or will it work harmoniously 

Thanks in advance all

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My initial thought is I dont think traction control will work well on a car like this...  Its been a long time since I played with the GTR attesa system but my recollection is it basically behaves like a rear wheel drive under normal driving conditions, the centre clutch pack is fully disengaged and there is no drive to the front diff.  The centre clutch pressure is only increased progressively after certain input thresholds are met, from memory the main ones were, wheel slip, accelerometer and TP.  

So if you use a wheel slip based traction control set up in the Link ecu, then the attesa ecu will see much less slip and either wont engage front drive or will engage it much less than it normally would.  So I think the end result of enabling traction control will be a near 2WD car with actually less traction than without it.



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