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Hi there all

I bought recently for my G4+ ecu a tablet that is both windows and Android so I can mount it on the top of my dash to check everything and also to make any changes on the fly 

Is it by any chance that LINK  has already made such a dash display ? Or is it going to come in the nearest future?? 

All the other companies can provide such a dash display. 


Thank you in advance


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Im not sure what you are asking?  Can you use a tablet as a dash or are we making our own motorsport dashboard?

For a tablet you just use PC Link:


We are not making a dedicated motorsport dash at this time.

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3 hours ago, Ted said:

IS it possible to have pics from it?

Im not sure if you are asking if you can display images on the dash or if you are asking for pictures of the dash.  It is just a segment type LCD so you cant display images on the dash.  If you just want pictures of the dash then there is one on the link I provided above, also more info here:  http://www.race-technology.com/nz/racing/products/display-products/dash2-pro  and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQUqZwfP66A  Note that some features are optional like the GPS logging option is a paid license which doesnt come in the base package but you can add at any time in the future.  The version we sell already has the CAN receive licence enabled.

For pricing you will be best to contact a dealer in your region.

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