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Link Atom 1 running VNT electronic actuator


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Hello all after a bit of advice if possible? I am looking at build an A series mini turbo but want to run a VNT turbo and use the electronic actuator that it comes with. The info i have on the actuator is vague but from the info i have got i think i could run it on the wastegate and control it through the wastegate duty. any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Part number on the actuator is Garrett 767649 

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From my brief search that looks like a DC servo motor and would typically be controlled closed loop PID with position feedback.  We dont really have any way to do that properly with our ECU's.  You could set it up with two relays to drive all the way open or all the way closed but you wont be able to do anything in-between - at least not without adding some external module to do the closed loop.

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