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Closed loop idle without speed input?


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Is it possible to setup ethrottle closed loop idle without speed input?  I have "Speed Lockout" set to OFF but when I start the motor idle status reads "speed not selected" and idle is like 700 rpm above what it should be.



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Ah all good, I just picked driven wheel speed and it seems to be working. (this is a jetski so no speed available)

Idles very nicely and right on target.  Small issue, when I give it a little throttle lets say from the idle 1800 to 2500 ..let go of the throttle, it falls back to 1800 but a second later raises few hundred RPM and then slowly lowers back to smooth 1800 idle.

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On 6/19/2018 at 10:41 PM, Adamw said:

Post your map and log and I will take a look whats causing the blip.

Here it is, it seems to be working OK now with higher rpm cut offs ..but I set this up just using the help menu info so maybe, probably, it could be better.

Thanks in advance :)



Log 2018-06-20 8;20;41 pm.llg

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