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Fuel table Y axis not following instructions


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My fuel table is MGP vs RPM ...if I go to axis setup and try changing Y axis -5.8 to -5.5 this happens:

When I hit OK from the first entry window the new value is -6 from original -5.8 even though I requested -5.5.  If I now hit OK again to apply to the fuel table it turns to -5.9 in the fuel table.

Is this some rounding bug?

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the native/background load units are kpa and there can be rounding issues with some psi decimals however i'm able to replicate your scenario exactly with the expected results.

Can you confirm you are on the latest firmware in the ecu?  [ECU Controls > Firmware Update]

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I was doing this not connected to the ECU, but PCLink Help -> ECU info says firmware

This is pretty weird, so if original value is -5.8 and I try a few different values the results are as fallows  request : result

-5.7 : -5.9

-5.6 : -5.9

-5.5 : -5.9

-5.4 : -4.9


It's as if the axis setup window is rounding to a whole number and then theres another rounding after being applied to table.  For the -5.9 values that ended up in the fuel table.  before applying the axis setup showed -6 and for the -4.9 it showed -5

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This is a bug and has been fixed  (well improved a lot) in the upcoming release.  As a workaround for now you can hit the U key to change back to metric units, then insert your new rows.  You can then change back to Psi units and it should be displayed correct. 

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