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Tuning fuel on a hot day and IAT trim effect?


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If you're tuning fuel table, modelled, on a hotter than usual day what should you do with the IAT trim later?

If on the tune day IAT is 35C then on more normal days it's 25C what would you do with IAT trim? You would have to add fuel at 25C trim no?

The help info says its usually set to 0 for 20C and adjusted from there, but doesn't that mean the fuel table was tuned at 20C IAT?



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5 hours ago, Adamw said:

IAT trim should be turned off for modelled mode.  The air temp correction is done automatically in the background calculation based on the charge temp approximation table.

Nice, every time I look at riva vipec base map I find something weird.  Thanks, will make things simpler. :)

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