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Raspberry pi as dashboard


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Hello everyone, I've just got a g4+ pnp for my track car. Has anyone used a raspberry pi as a dash display successfully? I know it is big in the megasquirt world but I can't find much on it for link. 

It's either a pi or a windows tablet I'm looking at, I could get a race technology dash2 but it would be nice to use something I can adjust the map on too. 

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13 hours ago, Adamw said:

For a raspberry pi I suspect there would be a OBD2 app that would allow display only.  There will never be a Linux version of PC Link.  If you want to adjust anything you will need windows.

Maybe a silly question but why will there never be a linux version of pc link ?

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18 minutes ago, jetape said:

Too much work to build and maintain a native linux version.  Perhaps virtual windows inside linux if you really need it.

Correct, depending where you look, most data for the market share of desktop & tablet operating systems shows Linux sitting around 1-3% and windows around 85%.  Its a massive undertaking to appeal to that 1-3%.

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