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Yb Cosworth base map for fury


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36-1 crank pulley, coil on plug, ID1050x injectors, t34/63 turbo. 

Not plugged the Ecu in yet as thought I needed some form of base map loading on it first. 

I quit good with a spanner but when it comes to Ecu maps and the electronics side of things I have never go involved with any of it so it's all a new learning curve for me as to where to start and what to do. 

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I'm down in Pulborough, far from a pro, but have been playing with Link for a while on my Evo. Happy to give you hand if you're just wanting to get the car running- and would be helpful as I keep trying to get my mate to let me rip out his P8 ECU and fit a Link. 

Drop me a PM if you want, no hassle if not :-) 


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We have done over 60 Cosworth installs and have a superb map that will only need a tweak on the dyno for your car saving a lot of cost in dyno and mapper time, however we like to fully support our customers, if you purchased the ECU from us online the base map and full technical support including a team viewer session is available free of charge.

If not we have a support product you can purchase, you are more than welcome to ring and talk to us about this and make sure you are happy with what we offer, 01474 853219 


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