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Pump gas vs E85 power range lambda value


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Dear all,

i will use modelled fuel from ECU g4+ from my Mitsubishi lancer evo9, turbo pressure 1.65b, flex fuel e85

I search some information and experience from you about lambda value (max power lambda value) for pump gas and e85 for turbo engine

For pump gas Stoich ratio is 14.7 / lambda 1. For cruising i will use lambda 1 and for full boost 1.65b i will use 0.73 lambda

For e85 Stoich ratio is 9.8 / lambda 1, for cruising  i will use lambda 1 and for full boost 1.65b i dont know yet may be around 0.8 lambda

do you have some test what is the best lambda value for e85 in full bosst for the max power?

Thanks in adavnce

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In my experience power output from E85 is much less sensitive to air fuel mixture.  What I mean by this is you have a much bigger "sweet spot", on a NA engine for instance I might need 0.88 Lambda for max power with petrol and see a noticeable loss of power either side of this, but with E85 I can vary Lambda from say 0.8 to 1.0 with almost no change in power.

So you can err on the rich side without much consequence except fuel economy although if you go really rich you will need a strong ignition system to lite it up.

0.8Lambda sounds like quite a reasonable starting point for an Evo at 1.6Bar on E85. 

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