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Check Engine Light, Lights up at high boost and RPM


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After tuning up the car and started driving on the road I notice what I run high boost and over 5500 rpm the Check Engine light goes on (Steady, not flashing)
All was well on the dyno with all the external sensors attached so shouldn't be a problem with knocking.  (I wish though we had seen it while on the dyno to better diagnose but yeah, we didn't)

I'm just wondering what is events that would trigger this?  I'm suspecting it's triggering from some "jiggery" we had to do for the injectors (going to be changed) but couldn't
find a table of what would generate this from the ECU.

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You can set up the CE light to do whatever you like. Some may want it to function as a normal CE lamp, some use it for a shift lamp, or overboost warning etc.  Going off your username I'm going to assume you have one of the skyline plug-in ECU's?  In our GTS/GTR base map the CE lamp is set up by default as an over temp/over boost alarm, it comes on at ECT above 102°C or MAP above 230KPa.  You can change these thresholds to whatever you deem safe for your engine or you can change its function to just do typical CE light functions if you wish.


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8 hours ago, dee242 said:

also happens with my ecu im running the factory check engine light settings as well and the check engine light comes on after 7000 rpm. i am only running 17psi of boost and ect is 88 degrees

Give us a log showing this and we should be able to see why.  Do your Aux 7 settings match above?

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