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VW VR6 Monsoon won´t start


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Hello everyone, 

My car was running another standalone ECU, working fine but with some little things that I don´t like it so I prefered to change it for a monsoon.

First the car don´t want to get RPM´s from the stock reluctor sensor, so I bought a new one and now I have rpm´s, weird because with the other one works but that´s  fine, problem solved.

Then, I tried to start up the car but is not doing anything, some bangs on the exhaust and on the intake but nothing more.

I already check and the car fuel pump is working, tps reading fine, firing order is good, injectors and coils are working, also tested ony by one only to double check that they are in the correct order. I´ve double check the trigger offset with timing light and it´s  fine, but the car don´t want to fire up.

It´s a VR6 engine, using stock sensors, stock injectors, aftermarket coils.

I´m gonna leave the map to see if someone can take a look and try to help me out with this.

A customer have the exact same problem with a Jeep Wrangler 4.2 and he decided to sell the Link Ecu, so I want to know if it is a problem in the setup or if the ecu is not compatible (I don´t think so)



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