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Altezza link snow button


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Hi there,

I'm quite new to this, my apologies in advance.

I've tried to search for answers but unable to find anything.

My question is - the Altezzalink can communicate with the "SNOW" button via CAN / BEAN.  How do I utilise this in PCLink?  My scenario would be using the SNOW button to toggle features such as anti-lag or launch control.



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Yes the Snow button is received over BEAN so can be used for other functions.  The slight trick is the button only sends a momentary "on" signal when pushed (not latched).  You can make some logic using a virtual aux to make it latch, or something like short press for on long press for off.

The Snow button is received as parameter CAN DIG #1.  The Snow lamp is by default set up to show the status of CAN DIG #1 also but you can change that in the CAN transmit stream to show the status of launch or anti-lag for instance.

Set up example below would turn on virtual aux 1with a short button press and turn off with a long button press (longer than 2 seconds).  You can then use Virtual aux 1 to activate whatever function you wanted.


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I have set everything up accordingly (I used Virtual AUX2), but the input will remain "ON" when I monitor virtual Aux 2 with the F12 key, no matter what I do with the Snow Button.

Snow Button is "working" as I toggle the button the dashboard will toggle the light on / off.

Could the logic be incorrect some how?




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Ok there was a mistake in my original example and a mistake in your settings too.

We have to add another virtual aux into the mix as the CAN DI is not a parameter we can use to reset the timer.

Set up like below, make sure you change your Virtual aux 2 SW cond 2 to match mine below, in your map it is set as "Aux Value1", not Aux Virtual:


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