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Installing monsoon into 13b pp help


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Just purchased a link monsoon.  So I'll be asking a few questions regarding wiring it into the car(fd rx7) for the minute I just want to wire in what I need to get the car up and running. So coils, air temp,tps,cas, and water temp.  I will be in the future fitting flat shift to the seq gearbox. 


Injectors  in running 1 Injecter per throttle body. Where do I Earth the negative on the injector?

ill be fitting 4 aem smart coils. To what colour wires should I assign to each coil? 

On the cas I have 4 wires. What wires from the look should I be connecting up? 

I will  have more questions as I go but this should get me started 


  Thanks  Shane  



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57 minutes ago, Brad Burnett said:

You can download the PCLink software.

The help file in the software has a fantastic section dedicated to wiring and will answer all the questions you have listed here.

Do you know if there is anywhere I can view the help file offline? I sometimes want to check something during lunch at work but can't as I don't have PClink on my PC etc, I do however agree that its very helpful.

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Cheers for that. Didn't know the program had so much info on wiring!!


so I've got cas,coils,tips,water temp and airtemp wired up.  I'm stuck with injectors. Do I bring each injector wire from the ecu to one side of the coil and what do I do with the other pin out on the injector? 

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