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I’ve got full functioning dash2pro via can and have coms to the Link Tuning software but I can’t get them both at the same time its either one or the other 

ive tried setting the dash to can 2 but made no difference 

am I overlooking something obvious? 

Fury g4+


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This sounds like you are probably using the old CANDASH cable which also has serial wires inside, this will interrupt PC comms when connected.  The CANDASH cable was originally designed for our old DisplayLink dash which used both serial & CAN depending on what ecu it was connected to so is not ideal for a for a CAN only dash.  The quickstart guide we package with the dash suggests the connection is made with a CANF connector which wouldnt give you this problem.

The solution is to cut the CANDASH cable down so the serial wires are less than about 200mm length, or change to a CANF plug and add your own CAN wires.



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