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Trig 1 errors and how the ecu reacts


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Just changed a crank and cam trig set up and went from dissy/msd to coil packs. Getting a few trig 1 errors reported over 6000rpm and the ecu semi shuts down for nearly 1 sec each time, can someone describe how the ecu responds to events like this, so i can gain some confidence that nothing else is going on?

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If you are seeing a trig 1 error it could be from with trigger input.

ECU could be seeing a RPM spike and turning on a limit which then takes time to deactivate (settings dependent) 

If you can take a trigger scope at around 4000RPM it might give some clues.



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3 hours ago, banaro said:

Will do, if there were trig2 cam sensor errors as well, sync loss, are these reported?, how might the ecu react? Thanks Juan


The Trig 1 error counter can actually be caused by either trig 1 or trig 2.  All it really tells you is the number of teeth/trigger pattern received by the ecu did not match what it expected to receive.  There is no separate error counter parameter for trigger 2.  

To answer the rest of your question I will just give some general info since I don’t know what trigger mode you are using.  

Most trigger modes that have a unique TDC reference (such as missing tooth) will stay in sync and continue to run even if you disconnect the cam sensor.  If you have some sort of major trigger error that causes the ecu to completely lose engine position then it will stop injecting and sparking and may take up to two full revolutions (depending on trig mode) before it re-syncs and can resume spark/fuel.

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