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Autometer AFR Values Help


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So my tuner stopped by yesterday and helped me adjust a few things before we started up the car for the first time. I must say, the help section in the ecu program extremely helpful and so far made my first ever wire in ECU and program setup an excellent experience. 

The only problem I'm having is trying to setup my wideband values for accurate readings between both my gauge and ecu. My tuner made some adjustments so we could heat cycle it correctly. No problems and warmed up great. In this instance would I want to take my ecu lambda readings as ths most accurate and try to adjust the values to get the gauge to read the same afr numbers, correct?

This autometer gauge is an oddball 0-4v setup. 10.0 - 16.0 afr sweep. 

My tuner said he got it close but because this gauge does not come with a values table like most others it may require some work.  

Please see how it's setup and advise on what I could do to make it more accurate. It's currently setup in Cal 4.  My tuner entered the output value A and B. After looking at it, I can understand Value B  1.090 Lambda (16.0) but not sure why Value A  0.410 Lambda? Would something closer to 10.0 like 0.680 roughly.. be better to use? 

Lastly I found these 2 small bits on some other forms about getting an autometer to work accurately. 

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