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Base startup calibration


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New to Link (Thunder ecu) and to the forum, slowly getting familiar with this great hardware and software! 

I am having issues starting the engine using modeled fueling mode and Ethrottle (zero experience with both), the engine doesnt give any sign that it wants to start, i think the issue is with fueling. I dont think its a trigger issue as i have set trigger offset to a value where the timing light shows spark at about 10 deegrees btdc while cranking

I am posting the calibration and a log while  cranking hope someone can help me find the issue.

Also adding a photo of the trigger scope, trigger wheel is 38 -1.



Delta base.pclr

Log 2018-08-25 10_04_15 pm.llg


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What engine is this?  The 38-1 is not common although your triggerscope seems to match that.  It should work, but since 38 doenst divide into 360 degrees evenly it will not be ideal from a trigger perspective.  Thats not going to stop it from running though, just a comment.

A couple of suggestions:

Your fuel table is not from a modelled map so the numbers are too small for VE, I suggest you copy the fuel table out of our Monsoon base map.  You can use the export/import function to do that (right click menu on fuel table).

Your trigger offset could be 360deg out so you are firing on the exhaust stroke.  Try changing your trig offset to 290.

As for Ethrottle I think it is working enough to allow it to start.  It looks like TP sub is either not calibrated right or is hitting the error setting but dont worry about that yet, your battery voltage is very low so that could be playing a part.

Another tip for first start up on modelled mode is to adjust the engine capacity as an easy way to adjust overall fuel volume.  Sometimes if there are no signs of life you can try adding or removing 50%to the engine capacity then that can tell you if it is a fuel issue.

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Adam thank you very much for the quick reply and the suggestions!

The engine is a Lancia Delta integrale prepared for drag racing.

We used the balancershaft pulley (balancer shafts removed) for crank trigger and it had 38 teeth. It was more convenient for us to use that than to make a custom trigger wheel due to space constraints on the pulley side. 

I will try the suggestions you gave and report back. Thanks again for your help!



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Just a quick update, engine started after i swapped ID2000 injectors which were used for only 2 months (they appear to be seized), with 25 years old 270cc weber injectors! 

Anyone has any idea how could those injectors seize? The engine ran on e85 for 2 months and paused for 10 months, i thought ID injectors are e85 compatible?!?!

Looking foward to learning and tuning this ECU, very satisfied with it so far!


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Yes, the bosch 2200 injectors are prone to that, I believe they have bare iron internals in them which rust quickly if left sitting with hygroscopic fuel in them.  You will get lots of hits if your search "ID2000 stuck".  I have seen comments like below becoming more common on injector suppliers websites too:


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