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New to link G4+ v6/v5 WRX


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I've recently purchased a Link g4+ :) so far happy with it.

Are there any maps available for my99/00 WRX models? for VF28 - VF34 turbos running around 14 - 18 psi.

Would be appreciated if someone could send through a couple of maps, I'd like to have a look. 

Has anyone had much success setting up the knock windowing setting on the g4+ for the V5/v6 WRX?
I've set a gain of 1, set the frequency to 6hz, but i'm not seeing much. I've read on this forum 670 is the knock threshold. If you have further information on this, I'd love to hear. 

as for wideband sensor input, do i require an external loom/connector? 


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I dont have any maps to share, if yours is all running ok then it would be best to tune what you have now.  HP Academy have a reasonable webinar on setting up and tuning the G4+ knock control, you can view these with just a one month $20 membership.

The knock threshold is a full 3D table, not just a single number.  It will also be unique to your engine and setup so it really needs to be tuned for your engine.  I believe the stock subaru knock sensor is a narrowband type and overly sensitive, we generally recommend replacing it with a common Bosch wideband one, such as 026123006.

For wideband lambda the easiest option is via the expansion loom but the other option is to repurpose one of the existing analog inputs on the main header that you may no longer require.  The old narrowband oxy sensor input or MAF input are common options for instance.

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Thanks for the reply.

I'm still looking for some maps for 440cc injectors, ej20 engine, VF turbo (15 psi - 18 psi).   Also if anyone has successfully set up the V5/V6 WRX/STI knock fine tuning for the G4+ I'd be delighted to hear. 
I'm a bit stuck, as where i live there are no tuners, although i do have 98RON available.  So i was wondering where i can find a couple of maps to view and tweak slightly.

I've got the expansion loom + IAT on the way, I'll use the MAF input for the time being as per your suggestion. 

I'll check out HP academy, thanks. 

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