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Am I seeing knock here?


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Here is ECU log at 100Hz, cyl 3 gets knock trim at section time 14:08  https://www.dropbox.com/s/tw1019p16bw8ywa/ecu2.llg?dl=0

Why is that cylinder getting trimmed if the log shows that cylinder having the lowest value for knock level out of all.  Knock counters don't change, the only change I see is knock trim activation for cyl 3.

I'm running pretty conservative timing for this motor at this RPM so I'm not sure why this is kicking in.  Gas is good.

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4 hours ago, Ducie54 said:

You need to check your knock ignton trim tables to see if the was any previous knock threshold over shoots during that ECU on period. Each time the ECU powers down or knock is turned off then on it will clear that table.

Ah so I checked and my tune is set not to clear knock i-trim tables on power ON so my logs are running into it every time.   It doesn't appear it be really knocking, the trim gets removed as the pull continues

Not sure when I managed to create this trim entry, heck I haven't even been to 9000 RPM this year, other than over-rev when catching some air on the ski.


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