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Mechanical TP main plus E Throttle 2?


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Based on ecu options, it appears that it may be possible to configure TP main and it's throttle body as a cable pull, and enable E Throttle 2 and an electronic throttle body with the appropriate TP2 main and sub handshaking as a 2nd throttle body?

Can someone confirm this is viable.

Looking for ecu boost control options for a supercharged setup beyond utilising a wastegate solenoid and mac valve.



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What are you trying to achieve by doing this? 

I guess it would work in that you could have 2x throttles being controlled approximately the same, but its going to be a much more reliable platform to buy a thunder with 2x ethrottle controls.

Theoretically, you could wire up a mechanical throttle as if it were an accelerator pedal sensor, then have the ECU controlling the second throttle as if it were the only ethrottle. Problems with this are 1) you dont have idle control on the mechanical throttle at all 2) there will be some lag between mechanical and electronic but you can tune this mostly out 3) the ECU has to pick *something* to be the TPS value, and in this model that would be the ethrottle, so while you have control over both, there is basically no feedback from the mechanical one.


you could somehow mount a TPS sensor or similar to the pedal as per a "real" ethrottle pedal, and then have TPS main from one of the throttle bodies and TPS sub from the other. You'd still have no idle control on the mechanical throttle, and you would probably have to disable all the ethrottle safeties (setup mode) because at idle the 2x signals wont match. You'd also have no redundancy in the ethrottle at this point because you only have 1 signal from each.

If its 2 throttle bodies feeding a single manifold you *might* be able to sort a sensible idle strategy. If its 2x separate manifolds, you'll end up with different throttle values at idle and I dont see a way you can fix that.

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Firstly I was trying to determine whether a thunder will allow TP main to be mechanical for normal engine TB, then only E Throttle2 turned on and configured for a second TB.

I was vaige about the reason, but if the above is true, i would give additional thought to determining whether the E Throttle controlled TB could be vented, and used for open loop boost control on a supercharger system, strength of the TB would probably be an issue

Apparently the Maritimo boats use a controlled driven position valve for boost control, anyone know what it is?

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I done a few quick tests and it does seem to be doable.  You would set E-throttle 1 to off.  TP main would be your real cable throttle TPS.  APS sub and main and Ethrottle relay 2 would have to be assigned in the software even if you werent going to connect them.  It may have to stay in set-up mode to keep the safeties happy.  E-throttle 2 would use TP2 sub and main, and you could assign whatever parameters you like to the axes of the E-throttle 2 target table.

I dont see any advantage over a more conventional boost control setup however (apart from flow capacity), E-throttles are slow to move compared to a solenoid.

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Thanks Gents, yes was looking at using a waste gate, but it is unclear whether it would have a wide enough adjustment pressure range for this application, i need to be able to program and control the boost level (8 to 35psi) all the way through the rpm and load range. The supercharger is intentionally oversized to allow for a percentage vent at all times.

Any thoughts on wastegate and other control methods in this situation would be appreciated


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