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V44 on a V6 Commodore

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I was just wondering if anyone has setup a vipec on a v6 commodore? I have a vn series 1 and just wanted to know if I can still use my factory dfi module/coilpack setup or if I have to convert to something else?

If anyone has done this and has a wiring diagram it would be much appreciated. If not, I will look into it and see whether it's possible.


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I have been trying to find information on these coils so I can give you an answer, but have not found anything. I think the coils have a base that is the igniter. If this is the case and there is no dwell control smarts, then the Vipec can drive them. If the igniters are not "dumb" then you would need to replace them with a CDI or Bosch dumb igniters.


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Guest Dave-Kriedeman

The VN Commodore factory ignition module (base plate,under coil packs) are proned to failure,later models werent so bad.

I would stick with the aftermarket module option.

The coils can be a bit of a pain to use, regarding the the terminals underneath.

You will require male spade terminals to inset into the base of the coils for the positive and negative wires.

You must allow space under the coils for the spade terminals to fit when mounting the coils pack.

Another option you could try (which i have used on quite a few set ups) are Ford EF COIL PACKS.

1 assembally of 3 double ended waste spark coils with a good robust connector on them..

Very reliable and can be sourced easily enough.

Connectors are very easily sourced at most car wreckers.

Just an idea for you.

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Yeah an AU falcon coilpack had crossed my mind. I will try and gut an old dfi module so I can still use the base and factory plug (minus a few wires). Maybe try and get the igniter in under there too if possible.

Cheers for the help

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Just got another question about the triggering setup. The v6 CAS uses 4 wires because it essentially has two hall effect sensors built in to it. One provides a 3x reference signal and the other is an 18x. I have set the triggering up as per the help guide for the buick v6. What I want to know is whether trigger 1 is the 3x signal or the 18x?

Also, the way I understand it is that the two white wires that shield the triggers can be joined together and hooked up to the ground of the CAS? Is this correct?

I will obviously also need to run the 5v reference to the 4th wire.


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This is from the Engine Specific information in the manual.


Engine Type

Piston = Cylinders/Rotors 4

Firing Order


Ignition Setup

Ignition Mode = Wasted Spark

Spark Edge = Falling (Dwell Edge = Rising)

Ignition Delay = Installer to set

Trigger Setup

Trigger Mode = Buick 3.8L

Trigger 1

Trigger 1 Type Optical / Hall

Trigger 1 Filtering = Level 2

Trigger 1 Pullup = On

Trigger 1 Edge = Rising

Trigger 2

Trigger 2 Type Optical / Hall

Trigger 2 Filtering = Level 2

Trigger 2 Pullup = On

Trigger 2 Edge = Falling

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Thanks for your reply Ray. I have the settings the same as you have listed, however I'm unsure as to how to wire the triggers.

There are three triggers in the factory setup. One is from the Cam angle sensor and two are from the CAS. One of the signals from the CAS is pulsed 18 per crankshaft revolution and the other is pulsed 3 times. I'm guessing that the 3x signal is one of the ones I need as it will be for the wasted spark setup.. Which trigger should this be wired to?

Should the other trigger be the 18x signal or the cam angle signal?? From what I understand the cam sensor is for the bank firing of the injectors so I would think the 18x signal from the CAS would be the other trigger.. correct??

Thanks again for your help

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Still trying to get an answer for this. The standard Crank angle sensor for a v6 has 2 outputs which look like this:


If I setup my trigger as follows:

Trigger mode: Multi-tooth

Trigger Priory: Trig 1


Type: Optical/Hall

Filtering: Level 2

Pullup: On

Edge: Rising

Position: Crank

Tooth Count: 18


Type: Optical/Hall

Filtering: Level 2

Pullup: On

Edge: Rising

Sync Mode: Crank Pulse x1

Would this work OK? I can't see a problem but just want confirmation. I am running wasted spark and batch fire injection. The ECU should fire ign1 on the tdc signal and ign 2 +3 120deg after each other correct??

Really want to get this finalised!


edit: top picture is the modified one

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Options for triggering.

Wasted spark and group fire injection, then select the Buick 3.8L trigger. Connect Trigger 1 to crank 18 tooth signal and Trigger 2 to the three tooth signal.

Wasted spark and group fire injection, then select multitooth. Connect Trigger 1 to crank 18 tooth signal and Trigger 2 to the 1 tooth crank signal. Select Sync Mode: Crank Pulse x1

Sequential. If the engine has a single cam tooth, then select multitooth and connect Trigger 1 to the 18 tooth crank tooth signal and Trigger 2 to the cam signal.


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So I can leave the trigger wheel exactly as per factory and just hook the 3x signal to trigger 2?

That would be ideal, I just wasn't sure if the vipec could work with the 3 different spacings for each coil.

Thanks heaps!

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5 hours ago, JackNife said:

Can anyone tell me if a vs Ecotec V6 can angle sensor is suitable in a vr V6 Buick motor?

Can you clarify what you mean - do you mean does it mechanically fit? or are you asking if it will work with the VR crank trigger?

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