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Base MAP Ignition timing safety


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Good day guys

Quick question. The base Map file that is included with the program, how safe is the " Ignition Table 1" configuration that is programmed by default? My logic tells me that Link ECU guru's that do the programming will put an overly safe Ignition table for the Base MAP ?

Kindly confirm ? The car I am busy with has such a loud exhaust and can't find a proper spot for an aftermarket knock sensor to monitor.

This is now for a 2002 Subaru WRX STI (V7)  ... Next we need to check a R32 Skyline

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For that application the map will be relatively good as we had a car for full testing (assuming stock STi) However it should not be treated as tuned.

The Skyline was supplied from a tuner so would only be considered a start up map.  

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